Kurtis Reese: On the Issues

Integrity and goodwill drive my actions


As your councilmember, I will be accessible and proactive in engaging the community to increase residents’ awareness and understanding of city issues.  I promise to seek community input, work hard and make sound decisions on behalf of all of our residents.

Support Local Small Business

COVID-19 has devastated our small businesses.  We must loosen regulations and remove barriers to operations so our local small businesses can quickly adapt to changing health regulations.  I support grants and other assistance to help our small businesses survive the pandemic.

Reduce Homelessness

I support a holistic and coordinated approach, including the city, the county, non-profits, and the faith community, to provide a broad range of services at shelters to provide a path to housing.

Reduce Traffic Congestion

I support a strong regional transportation plan that moves people efficiently to and from our downtown work center and reduces the number of vehicles on our roadways.  I support the use of smart city planning and technology to collect traffic data and plan accordingly, including synchronizing traffic lights.

Ensure Social Justice

We must ensure social justice through an equitable distribution of opportunities, application of laws and usage of systems and programs to everyone.

Walnut Creek is one of the best places to live in the East Bay.  And, I want to keep it that way!